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" "Who knows touched her feet, she bellowed in pain, ah, do not let her move, we will not move, until today, when the wound where it spread to the knees, ah, my mother hurt I cried straight home that hole put a knife to her legs stamped ah! " Tracy entered the house yard, I heard her mother's screams, the sound shockingly big, I do not know yet that her mother in the house suffered torture chamber yet. Grandma looked at me, "Oh, this is not the reincarnation of their own to choose, you Ah good big point of it, the child lives bitter ah. nfl jerseys in san diego No way, soul sister to buy the lunch we ate at the hospital until the afternoon when the results are out, with my grandmother sat opposite Zhuo Wei, watching him, "Zhuo doctors ah, she was able to operate on the right . That storm is so in the past, but then I a lot of convergence, but underneath it is still scouring until finished fifth grade, summer of that year, Grandma said to take me to the provincial capital. nfl jerseys in houston " Tracy man nodded quickly, gave her grandmother a cigarette and lit it, one side of the village doctors could not resist the opening of "This is what ah, this is more serious, you are engaged in feudal superstitious? Quickly hospital ah !! " "Shut up!" Grandma shoved at him Heleyisheng, Xu grandmother was scared the way to rural doctors actually suddenly silent sound.

Xu dollars and back, looking directly at me, "No one has, ah, it is love seat chair before my grandmother ah, how you, you are not that scare me yet. nfl jerseys in tall sizes " I turned and looked at grandpa "What like my mother?" "Your mother likes you learn good, so after you go to school you learn well, your mother will love you, ah. " He said, and turned away. nfl jerseys in los angeles Seems to grow to a certain extent will explode feeling, I saw it all feel so uncomfortable, it is no wonder Angel can be scared and ran out.

" Grandma frown "have to give your mother to suppress ah, or else she was all right up your old home days there, okay?!" At the end, grandmother and told the words, "Do not forget to buy a point of incense burning paper, and quickly go. " Grandma waved his hand, "Drive it, all right, their families do not need this." He shook his head, bright black eyes staring straight I slowly leaned in. I was shocked directly, is constantly looking at the plow Three lame, "What did you say twins arise?" Three Crips grunted, his face proud smile, "I want to say this is my wealth it at home when I left this leather has been in the jump, wanted to go up the hill, I did not expect a mountain let me see certainly you have to have hundreds of years, if I sell it, do not say it covers three houses, a young married woman are enough to marry several of the. I like wrestling with the boys, most cattle are the class of boys can not Shuaiguo my young age I gained a reputation, it was like the beginning of the class bully Xu dollars, said she did not have what your mother born son of a bitch, later, without exception, let me beat, and then I go, and went behind several young boys, Xu looked up dollars like walking next to me, which gave me the command to take the bag, which go to I bought popsicles to eat, the air electrode.