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" "Hey! Good. ah !!!!" Next, it is the soul sister cry "Little King ah! The little scene you do not scare me ah! You can not have something ah!" I tugged grandmother's hand "Grandma, we go back and look at it, he could be dead." Zhuo Wei is looking sank, saw a soul sister "hospital to see him this bad. He leaped to run for a long time, and suddenly all of a sudden fell to his knees on the ground, his hands tightly grabbed his neck, his face turned red red just like that time was Fengxia mouth Zhang also said: " do not tease me, do not tease me, give me strangled . "You let me go!" I stretched out pounding his father, "Who can say my grandma!" Heart Yun Aunt seeing this, ran two steps beside me, raised his hand snapped! Is a slap in the face "wild child, you also lawlessness of it! This is someone, where do you run wild! Hair no longer homogeneous in this tinkling se dare!" I just felt his face a hemp, instantly ignorant lived, for a long time did not react, and so know when the pain the tears stand out, watching the heart Yun "You hit me ." Dropped a word, my heels and left." Soul sister is also the side talking." "Grandma, when I .

" As he entered the room, looking at grandma soul sister "aunt you first break it, I'll let the waiter to send over the food, yes, in this day of it tomorrow, the day after tomorrow with me back together, drove Zhuo Wei. Time so quietly flowing, before I forgot to tell grandma children things, then just do not want to say, because I like children really became very good friends. nfl jerseys made in korea " "You wash your aunt to Pasha. "Chopsticks it, bring me a chopsticks!" Zhuo Wei so suddenly shouted, turned to face my father "took a pair of chopsticks to me!" Dad froze for a moment, looked at him, "do you want chopsticks. nfl jerseys made in china I . "Basking, did not go there to see it. "Then, direct heels and went out.

" I shook my head, sensed this tap water bewitched, "the dead do not scare. That all of a sudden, the father and mother have the heart to her grandmother Yun Aunt are looking to the grandmother, grandmother face some fat ignorant, he pointed to his "My thing?" Then, from the house to pull out. nfl jerseys made in usa "Household Jiao Long courageous, she's all right." Soul sister watching grandma "is not something to Jojo lit ah, do not worry, so she grew up if you need surgery, then you do not worry too much about the cost, and I'm here." Continue incense head pops rang twice, with the bottom of my heart, to tear down the Suko carefully into his pocket, then put back on the ginseng incense table, facing to protect the family cents qualifying and worship worship, then in silence banner idea." I thought I was on the toilet when Fengxia squatting wall like I was afraid, have left a psychological shadow. Zhuowei Shu-t will take over chopsticks, Zhuo King broke off from the middle, facing up to the folder, Zhuo Jing brow slightly Organisation with, but the big bag has longer face fierce again. So there was a time, we seem like sisters tired together every day, I took her up the mountain, to find that a child, but had never found it very strange that.