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" I Staveley, who says I do not know, but each time the grandmother throw this sentence, I could not raise another, thinking, I looked at her, "basking, your sister money to you, staying in a hotel on our money." Grandma's face is also somewhat cramped, I do not know how, and she saw her mother seemed to be somewhat cautious, bent down to pick up the egg-box "Huijuan I do not know that you are pregnant, but thanks to take eggs from home, so you gave birth to your mother let you cook and eat, are their own domesticated, these days." Grandma looked at her, "how the child has a problem yet, I do not say, if the child crying at night, you took the scissors put under the pillow, so much the better." "Johnson is a dragon? You mean, she ." "Then go out and buy!" Zhuo Weishu t wait for them to beat the thigh, watching Zhuo King, "I can not let this child something ah, otherwise I explain how to tell my brother!" Who knows when my grandmother actually came up, looked at Zhuo Shushu "to send him to the hospital, you do not believe that witch, she just said I'm dying of it." Whispered grandmother replied. nfl jerseys of china

Grandma quilt was spread in the house, the mouth should be a cry, "You go, I'll be right with you!" I simply do not want to go, but really wait any longer, Yayi Yao told myself not to think, I do not have any connection with Fengxia relationship to go out. "Well, really, this money is not a small number ah." Then, soul sister waved at me, "Jojo ah, you come, sister to introduce you, this is your nephew Zhuoshu Shu, Zhuo King, you called the big brother. "What is that you ah. nfl jerseys nyc manhattan Father in the side, frowning, looking grandmother "Mom .

My grandmother has been looking forward to grandchildren, reportedly it was in the delivery room door looking forward to the results received a doctor's notice almost fainted, woke up after his mouth straight yelled "gave birth to what stuff?!" The doctor patiently explained again, and then said, "Get recommendations go and see the city's major hospitals, the child's situation is very bad, we in this hospital would be difficult to survive ah." Heart Yun looked at me and smiled, "hey, while Aunt give you red bag ah, ah not to mention, it looks big eyes Jojo'd quite like my ambition ah, rural children is too dark tan ah, aunt ah, good to dress up a little, ah, you do not get confused with the tomboy like. " Grandma looked at me and smiled, "you know it and consequently, to the grandmother who can owe you a big favor. " Grandmother face some ugly, but still nod, "Well kids, I did not think this is Angie, you're heart Yun, and I remember when you saw a Juaner married back then. I nodded with twos can be repeatedly clear the relationship, that is, to pick my sister is not the father's sister, grandmother only father that a child, he was an only child, but I do have two aunts, two aunts They are grandmother's sister's child. nfl jerseys oakland raiders " Grandmother immediately looked and nodded "Yes, she is your soul sister, I've seen pictures, she is.