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" While grandma let me say relieved, but I always felt her face some wrong, it seems to have a feeling some of what will happen. When I opened my eyes again, I've been lying on the kang home, with grandma grandpa was sitting looking at me, his mouth straight saying "all right, all right, and woke up all right. "How can a child son, Jiao Long, you seeing things right." Said, took my hand behind my parents. nfl jerseys washington redskins Grandma nodded Enliaoyisheng "Do you want to follow grandmother ah. "You want to like. "I understand what you mean, you want to add pro-pro?" Soul sister face some subtle, but still nod "I test out, and I know how hard, in fact, I was in the hospital practice, no one at home, are they not qualified to stay in hospital, but for love Zhuo Wei I, perhaps, I can not help what busy at home, aunt, I think you will understand, I have been home for good. nfl jerseys vintage " "Yes yes yes, this thing is not my youngest, you know, he is a person darn sometimes go again!" Three lame brother should be kept with, took the grandmother handed over the Fuzhi "Thank aunt Martha, you and uncle's body lacks the right thing.

I was hiding in the side, and now she is no matter what the expression, I have a kind of weird feeling indescribable. Grandma looked at him and sighed, "just children ah, aunt today put words to leave you this, if you still go on like this, certainly on the loose in your home, and if good, perhaps you can a wife ." Grandma did not sound, long while before touched my face, mouth Tao "Jiao Long ah, you go sleep it ah, you all just fine. I watched as he did with the foot did not like was, always have to fall, but the presence of some villagers are taboo his usual man, after all, thankless things no one wanted to do, so no one to help him up." I said as I hug from his own half sleeves wear, "OMG, this is to kick Qu Qing ah! This bastard calf! I dare kick granddaughter! Look I do not discount his legs !!" Grandpa saw my stomach was just angry, claws will get a hoe planing three lame to go." I froze for a moment, watching the grandmother, "I rescued the big Ah?" I do not remember, the last memory that I kept fluttering in the river, extremely uncomfortable. nfl jerseys wholesale " Grandmother shook her head, and before crashed, three lame sister recommenced, "Ma Aunt, my brother is some darn it, but that does not mean someone on your home ah, I have to ask a former child, I saw it said my youngest say to your house to get his stuff, in the end bring what things he ah, give him a scare like that.

We just went to the cemetery on Tracy father, Tracy's husband crying out "father ah, your father's grave is ye ah !!" cried, he rushed to a few steps, suddenly knelt grave package next. nfl jerseys wholesale 2016 " Ginseng also covered the earth, did not give me a response. I . "Stop. ." He looked still smiled and nodded, "Well, sister, I know you're going to the provincial capital." "It is the fortune-telling. Actually three lame look of excitement came directly palms children going on shrinking piece of ground, his mouth saying "OMG, I want to get rich, ah, ah wooden club really, really clappers ah !!!" Three Crips our village famous old bachelor, LANGUAGE AND CULTURE death is more or less related to him, I heard he was a boy naughty child broke his leg, then inadequate medical facilities, his family did not receive him go to the hospital, his leg after a good bit micro lame, plus he ranked third, so we just call him the three lame.