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" The doctor nodded his head "temporarily see is normal." "Good for nothing! You're young yet, and say you are the only one in the village had to learn to read in town, Zeneng become so!" Grandma said, directly into the back room of their home, he looked at four "Fengxia the things you gave burn you." "No! I do not finish the meal to which she could not go !!" Xu Gang screaming in the house just growled. nfl jerseys wholesale canada I do not want to go, but she was too much effort, but I get my mom ." I kowtow to this, it feels terrible stomach ache, knock three teeth, ears suddenly heard the children seemed clear laughter "Hey, sister, hehe ~ ~" I look directly to the grandmother, "basking, children, children!" Grandma hand touched my head, "okay, Grandmother children to you, please come home, he can be considered some Daoxing, your fate before, so he has been guarding you, then, he will protect you .

" I was that morning blood is being irrigation, drinking I have to spit, and finally up the belly bulge that not only do what b ultrasound, and other tests a Chase waiting afternoon out As a result, noon Zhuo Wei to ask me out to dinner with grandma, grandma not life and death, can not be said to be owed a favor." Grandma seeing it and hit me, quickly stepped forward to protect the back of my grandfather, grandmother watched the opening "What are you doing ah, you give it broke, the child is still small, it is not sensible ! " "I can remember, I was a monster, so my mother has not come back to see me, I can be when the boy when the girl! I want to be a boy, the boy can protect yourself!" I shouted loudly, a fearless look . Grandma is actually very calm, as if always knew I was eavesdropping outside, snappily looked at me, "Jiao Long, You're naughty, is not it." Grandma's face is also somewhat cramped, I do not know how, and she saw her mother seemed to be somewhat cautious, bent down to pick up the egg-box "Huijuan I do not know that you are pregnant, but thanks to take eggs from home, so you gave birth to your mother let you cook and eat, are their own domesticated, these days. nfl jerseys wholesale cheap

My grandfather had a washbasin end to throw out my knee wound clean sand, and then on the red syrup, mouth talking about the "It's not evil door you, old woman, you go to a bar, is not really not walked. nfl jerseys wholesale california " Grandma shook his head "spiritual ah, this place is not suitable for us to live, we are in rural areas over, this is not money spoil you, you get your money back ah these objects, one night we went to live twenty inn on the line, I Jiao Long with which can make do in one night. nfl jerseys wholesale authentic " Until the train, I was still in shock that were at home watching TV, I also saw the car, ah, ah nice buildings, busy streets or anything, but always felt that people live on TV is fabricated. I am also shocked, to look at those legs when her mother Tracy wound was healed, whirring yellow pus body were all gone, except for some drinks grandma mouth spray up, did not see the legs skin injured traces are not even a scar, it is simply not a 'magic' of Liang Zi will be able to describe it.