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" Grandma suddenly sigh, I feel an itch forehead, wiped the sweat from my grandmother hand "is the child's own way, to let her go, what we do is useless, but I'd rather she a person, I hope my granddaughter very happy in this life. nfl mlb jerseys wholesale Grandma then exhaled a long breath, then opened his eyes to see Xu Gang, "She's gone." I looked at her "big Ah, I will not go to my mother that she did not like me, why I go there."Well, people in this life, what make life difficult for Kaner ah, ye can not have hanged himself ah, hanged after death look like the most ugly, violent death but also on the outside, the house can not go back even after this is Budehaosi ah, is not easy to cast more than one fetus, young, a pity ah . nfl new jerseys 2016 " Then scratched my hand "Jiao Long, this is your Aunt, that soul sister's sister. nfl nba nhl mlb jerseys cheap Tracy inside her husband's father left a skeleton, what clothes are bad light, but askew skeleton legs should be the big mouse to knock, knock to give a bare legs, then Tracy's husband can not stand directly knelt down, crying with his mouth "Dad, ah, ah filial son, let you go so long was also the scourge ah!" I looked at the skeleton do not think how scary, but when you think of Tracy and her mother's legs a bit uncomfortable, then the grandmother told me that people will continue to feel pain, but because they can not go directly to the that only indirectly find their loved ones home to convey the pain, so to accomplish their own purposes.

"Jiao Long, are you doing it!" I am scared Ji Ling, who is a hard, went directly to Arch house, Tracy would have listened to her grandmother, then a bit nervous, and then I was suddenly broke into the house of the mother scared cry, almost to the little child to threw. nfl mlb wholesale jerseys " Because grandma who normally do not drink, and I think the grandmother smoked cigarette after voice changed, so I'm a little scared." Several villagers yard next to my grandmother can not help looking at the export asked. However, this process has some people can not accept, especially in the presence of people have seen how hard it is Tracy's mother, how scary that leg, look at this scene, no one feel so cold." I did not hear back, then went to the house to protect the family cents that, I looked at the sign, as well as ginseng brand before incense burn, and I lit out of three straight, while tears while plugged in, "Son my grandfather was basking with three lame to play, they can not drop what the root cause of it.

" "Yes ah, yes ah, you do not total more than the ah. open to me ." Grandma Hand Waving "This I can not tell, lad, ah, you and some learned, long road yet, you are a doctor, the future will come more, I do not specifically tell you, later you will understand. Grandma continued open road "Well, I say you do not be afraid, you might be the father returned, he rare children, want to come back to see his grandson, the math he's gone there for five years now, that his son married , but also his grandson below certainly know, the next child crying when you called, the child's name, your family name of her children what ah.