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"Jiao Long ah, you know grandmother named Jiao Long is mean anything. nfl raiders jerseys cheap " My soul sister down the road to see the fingers and nodded, "ah. Up the next morning, when her grandmother also as usual, to get me breakfast, asked me not to be late to school seriously listening something." Before then finished, legs straight knees on the ground, the body of a crooked, and fell down."I saw the grandmother promised to go back and look, well on its way and quickly rushed the house, I can not tell in the end what is urgent. As I became almost abandoned, my grandmother appeared, she deliberately went to the county from the countryside passenger sitting just to look at her grandson or granddaughter, but who did not think, has been less affected by the mother to be see the grandmother, that time has become my savior, so I was home with the grandmother." Then, they went and took the money up into the bag, "go, we can not send the front desk lost. "Jiao Long, you come, do not run!" Grandma shouting at me loudly. " I lowered my eyes, that moment is true that some things he can not decide, nor is it able to say capricious reach the destination, I nodded, "basking, I know, I am a girl.

" With her fingers, I see the following to her, it was the first time I clearly know that a girl should be like, but I simply can not accept at the time, I shook my head, "No, I am the girl, girls are so long." Before I looked up, I heard Xu brother dollars milk and milk sound gas opening behind me "Grandma came back. nfl rams throwback jerseys I secretly look to the door, looked at my grandmother's grandmother sitting opposite, "I asked you not to do this year, recently no effort. I chills, Listening to the baby's crying, suddenly have a bad feeling. nfl raiders jerseys " Grandma looked at me, "Johnson dragon ah, you remember, after you see no matter what, in the end they could not hurt you, you will be more powerful than the grandmother, the old home also Xianer I will bless you, you know." I looked at her intuition distressed, followed by grandmother went out, and so one out of their home yard, I looked at the grandmother said, "basking, I think the big Ah poor." Grandma looked at me and smiled gently, "Silly boy, go your own way, how can I have your grandmother's side ah." Grandma laughed "Well, go upstairs, we wait for you to come to dinner sister ah. nfl raiders authentic jerseys

I was blindfolded, and half do not know Editor's Note children, feels like a dream, suddenly became blue sky, no wind, and can hear the cicadas buzzing cried, some of which change fast . " I frowned, "how you strange ah." Grandma asked direct export." Grandma's voice sounded a little anxious. Grandma nodded "from the start. " "Tang Yucheng. " Went to the hotel entrance, the grandmother stopped, looked at me, "Jiao Long, grandmother tell you, that boy an evil bone, but for his good home conditions, what should be the ability to find a man to his town with those things, otherwise he would be dead." Heart Yun crashed beside Aunt he said." They then let me hear, I looked at the grandmother, now she looked at three lame'd look of surprise.